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100% Organic Cotton

100% Organic Cotton

Pure Natural Wool

Pure Natural Wool

Natural Latex Rubber

Natural Latex Rubber

                              Your Organic Bed

Rest Peacefully with Premium Wool and Organic Cotton Bedding.


Order now to experience this quality, American- made, natural bedding that will provide a great night's sleep.

•USA Made                                                         •Eco-friendly Wool

•No Pesticides                                                    •No Synthetics

•No Formaldehyde                                             •Competative Prices

•Certified Organic cotton                                   •Satisfaction Guaranteed

Organic bedding helps you have the best night's rest by giving you peace of mind, and because of our products' sheer comfort. At Your Organic Bed, we give you peace of mind with our natural, sustainable, raw and organic materials, made in the United States. Our products will help you fall asleep in luxurious comfort, knowing you are in safe, healthy, and natural bedding, and helping the earth we all love. Please follow our blog for more information on organic bedding and other topics that help you enjoy a more organic life.


Why choose organic cotton?

The organic cotton used in our products is raised without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or formaldehyde. Non-organic cotton is responsible for 25% of the insecticides used in the world. Non-organic cotton is the second highest user of pesticides. About 1.25 pounds of agricultural chemicals are used in making one queen size set of sheets. Many non-organic sheet companies spray a layer of formaldehyde on sheets to make them wrinkle-resistant. Four of the top nine chemicals in pesticides have been classed by the EPA as cancer-causing chemicals. What is the result of all these chemicals in our bedding? Exposure to these chemicals have led to immune system and nervous system problems, breathing problems, nausea, shaking, nasal congestion, scratchy eyes and throat, and many more symptoms. The organic cotton used in our organic bedding is not treated with any of these deadly chemicals, and the seed used to grow it is not genetically modified.

Is Wool a Good Material for Bedding?

It seems as if wool was made perfectly for our use in natural bedding. Wool does not retain moisture, it will not mold or mildew and it wicks moisture from your body, keeping you warm and dry. It repels dust-mites and other bugs. It is also a fire retardant material, so no added chemicals are necessary to meet federal regulations. The lifespan of wool bedding is decades, and when it finally meets it's end, either recard, (refluff) and reuse, or use as compost. No waste, no harmful practices for our planet.



Is Organic Bedding Important for my Family?

We who eat only organic food, are careful not to put anything into our bodies that has been treated with chemicals. We believe choosing only organic bedding is just as important. We spend one third of our life in very close contact with our bedding. The chemicals in non-organic bedding can be breathed in and also leached into our bodies through our skin. Both ways, the chemicals are in our systems, the same as if we consumed them. Organic bedding is especially important for babies. Babies spend about 70% of their day sleeping. Their defense systems have not fully developed, and an onslaught of chemicals will weaken their bodies and could lead to many health problems.

Is Buying Products Made in the USA Important?

Buying American-made products is very important for the future of small farms in the USA. American farmers will not survive if we do not buy their products, and send our business overseas to save a couple of dollars. Buying American also does not support the child-labor used in so many countries who employ children and pay them pennies.

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